“It All Turns on Affection” Wendell tells his family’s story in a vision of a kinder economy. He draws contrasts between what writer Wallace Stegner called “boomers” and “stickers.” 
I heard echos of my own history in Wendell Berry's story.  I was born on the farm which I now live.  I classify myself as a "sticker", my affection is for this place I call home, I am its servant, my greatest joy is to grow food that feeds our next generation.  He takes the lectern about 11 minutes into the video.  A poets words are most powerful when heard in his own voice.  Listening to Wendell Berry speak enlightens all of his work, it trains the eye to hear his voice when reading any of his writings. What I am trying to say, it is worth your time.  Below is a link for those who prefer a fast food version of his speech. 
.Text of Wendell Berry's Lecture "It all Turns on Affection."

A video of laying plastic from my Flickr page.http://www.flickr.com/photos/solarplacefarm/6884854894/in/photostream Short URL below


    I am a 53 year old with a background in Information Technology.  I worked for State Government several years in Somerset when my job was transfered to Frankfort.  After months of commuting, I decided to return to the farm and figure out what to do next.  I hope this is it because I really enjoy it..


    April 2012